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Tony Ward, the Lebanese fashion designer, has showcased his Haute Couture Fall 2016 /2017 collection, as part of Paris Fashion Week. His name became a fixture on red carpet events, and that’s because of his spectacular Haute Couture designs.

For Haute Couture Fall 2016, Tony Ward’s show was all about whimsical feathers, and he was inspired by a majestic imperial bird.

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Today we’re moving away from bridal collections, to bring you these amazing images of Tony Ward’s Fall 2017 couture collection, which was presented in Paris fashion week.

The “Wild beauty of a majestic, imperial bird.” – inspired the designer in his latest collection, with feathers. Real, beaded, embroidered and buckled on being the leitmotif in each stunning design! 

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Tony Ward sheds the light on a rebellious and pure woman whose duality appears in its entire splendor. Opulence and delicacy are key in this collection rich in contrasts where, just like in a feather, supple and rigid volumes harmoniously coexist.

Skirts with meticulously crafted, volatile embroidery interact with more dramatic and dense materials. Gradients are very present in this lustrous, visual world where dresses are adorned with different kinds of feathers: natural, embroidered or cut in fabric.

Saffron Yellow, Black, Royal Blue, Emerald Green and Carmine Red offer a vivid color palette where light and rich fabrics transport you to a world of dreams and exoticism!

With just a look at Tony Ward’s Haute Couture Fall 2016 collection, you’ll notice all the intricate details reflecting his inspiration and vision, featuring all kinds of different feathers, whether natural, embroidered or cut in fabric. You’ll also notice the jewel-tone color palette, with all the shades of blue, red and green, adorned with metallic accents.

Omg I love this collection!

Now scroll down and see taking a look at my favorite dresses from Tony Ward’s Haute Couture Fall 2016 /217 collection….

Do you like it too? 

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