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Finally is time for the unique Milan Fashion Week where very influential people of the fashion world, from all over the world , arrive, to discover the new fashion trends for summer 2018..

Ethereal woman… A return to tradition… A romantic idyll…  

The protagonist of the Spring Summer 2018 collection by Elisabetta Franchi is a woman that walks amid an American prairie of the late 1800s, caressed by ears of wheat and sweetly embraced by a light breeze. She is immersed in the poetry of mother earth, covered by the sensual weightlessness of long dresses.

Elisabetta Franchi loves a theatrical theme, and after last season’s homage to Eva Perón, she cycled back in time to the American wheat fields of the late 19th century, complete with wide-brimmed straw hats and prairie skirts in silk, tulle and sequins.

The beautiful Elizabetta Franchi Catwalk was definitely a true tribute to the woman struggle and recognition in our society.


The show opened with a cinema-sized screen showing a time-lapse film of the sun rising over a little house set among the golden stalks.

It cast a warm orange glow over Franchi’s catwalk, which rapidly filled with folksy characters dripping in lace and tulle, wearing high collars and pouf sleeves like the fancy city folks from a Willa Cather novel.

Franchi usually whistles her own tune, but there were still some pretty, if dramatic, looks such as sweeping cotton dresses with pouf sleeves, little ruffles or deep V-necks and backs. There were longer dresses done in Swiss dot fabric, and shorter ones in silk voile with little ruffles details and high waists, or big bows at the neck.

Elisabetta Franchi Catwalk conquered me because it was inspired by the fascination and seduction of the late 1800s in America. Long silk dresses, floating skirts with lace details, transparencies, gloves, and accessories were all very elegant with a touch of classic romance but also perfectly in line with the contemporary trends.

I was also particularly impressed by the details of beautiful hair with the application of pearls and ribbons. The predominant colors of the catwalks were white, yellow, black and ivory. All this reminds me a land of a Continent, where, at the end of the eighteenth century, there were the first female movements, where women began to conquer the emancipation for the right to vote.

The collection is an ode to purity: silk voile, tulle and cotton muslin, are mixed with ribbon, lace and pearls. The wheat ear motif is on clothes, bags and accessories.

The designer seemed to have concentrated on an appealing historical lore, bringing back the memories of a lost time in the most fashionable way. It was a “femme de la prairie“ kind of collection, but in the most sophisticated kind of ways – kind of what Franchi does to a theme, she turns history into a today’s fashionable haven! 

I’m a big fan of her brand !

Do you too?


Beata Gliniecka ; Fashion is the love of my life. That's what I'm writing and creating do with passion!

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