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The collection has quite a sexy edge, a seductive aura that robs one of reason and takes full control of the senses.

I expected no less from the incredible Raf Simons.

Of these fashions, we can find no fault, unless one truly dislikes the marble prints and patterning. 

glamourfashionstyle.co.uk Beata Gliniecka (2)

 Yet we cannot imagine disliking such perfectly drawn lava lamp style pieces, particularly one of the last designs that has such incredible contrast with the black and white and yellow coloring, the top with a generously fringed skirt having the slits come up to the waist and the legging continuing on in the same fashion so that we are given the illusion that what we are looking at is indeed made of a single piece of fabric.

That marble look continues into the boots, the dresses, the coats and the leggings, while we also see a few striped pieces wherein it appears as if layers of limestone in different colors have formed over the years.

glamourfashionstyle.co.uk Beata Gliniecka

 Stones in general seem to be the inspiration for many of these pieces and we cannot help but admire Dior’s reworking of the natural elements to create pieces that inspire such wonder.
Without it, we would not be admiring the marble mesh pencil skirts falling to just below the knees.
I fell head over heels for the black snakeskin coat with the white lining on the inside.
The silhouette is incredible, sensual in designs and the tailoring is superb, as if the coat is but a second skin on the woman.

Then again, we also love those boots, whether they come in marble designs with intriguing colors or simple monochromes, ending above the ankles or extending well onto the thighs.
They come in black and brown, aqua and mahogany, dark blue and purple, bluish grey and greyish teal.
They also come in two shades of red, a class and darker version that really ramp up the sexuality.
The dresses as well come in different hem lengths, from the ultra-mini to the mid-thigh, the asymmetrical midi to the ones falling to mid-calf.

Dior’s offered us a mesmerizing sampling and we are hungering for more from this incredible collection.
I certainly know where we’ll be wearing over half of these outfits and the excitement we feel over that is quite palpable.

Dior very well knows how to attract the ladies who want to shine on the formal occasions.
Lovely collection!

Dior Autumn-Winter 2016-17 Ready-to-Wear Show – Best of


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