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A landscape of ancient Greek ruins greeted guests at the Cruise 2017/2018 show at the Grand Palais, Paris. In rewriting the codes of Antiquity, Karl Lagerfeld offers an idealized vision of Greece; 

“Reality is of no interest to me. I use what I like. My Greece is an idea.” he says.  

Greek sleeves with draped or gathered shoulders structure lines and find a counterpoint in marked or belted waists. Sun pleats are inspired by fluted columns, while knitwear motifs echo those found on antique vases or the friezes of ancient frescoes. 

In this timeless setting, Karl Lagerfeld presented his vision of an imaginary Antiquity, with some 85 designs. His journey back in time gave a reinvented, modern elegance to the traditional codes of classicism.  

Flowing lines, draped silhouettes and sunburst pleats, shoulders draped or gathered, belted waists, asymmetrical necklines, bustiers, long skirts, pants and jumpsuits, in colors ranging from dazzling white to beige and navy to black, as well as subtly shimmering golds and terracottas reminiscent of ancient ceramics.  

The models wore tweed, jersey, silk, linen, knits, lace and crepon with brightly colored column-heeled gladiator sandals.  

The pure, clean lines are enhanced with delicate embroidery, rough fringes and refined details, and accessorized with long necklaces, bracelets and cuffs, and headpieces like laurel wreaths.  

Fringed, unlined tweed weaves appear in tunic dresses with zippers and rope belts and loose crossover coats.  

Tweed weaves heighten the clean lines of a dress and jacket ensemble, an A-line jacket and a classic suit rounded at the hips like an amphora.  

Short, pleated skirts or flowing lengths, riding robes, dresses for vestal virgins, nymphs and goddesses, mythology, Praxitele’s sculptures…  

The canons of classical beauty dialogue with Parisian chic and the Chanel codes.

To conclude this inspiring collection, draped dresses and tunics with prints of laurel wreaths and oak leaves dotted with camellias, while long dresses in white crepon with fitted waists embroidered with sequins celebrate an idea of eternal beauty. 

With a collection entitled, “La Modernite de l’Antiquite.” Karl Lagerfeld revives an ideal vision of ancient Greece; 

“I see Greece as the origin of beauty and culture.” he says.

Paying homage to Ancient Greece, the theme of the show was “The Modernity of Antiquity” with the Grand Palais (the venue) sporting spectacular columns, friezes and stately olive trees to transport the guests back in time, while the exquisite creations strutting the runway took everyone on a Grecian Odyssey the likes of which has never been seen before.

Never before have I been as captivated by a runway show literally from every single angle & perspective, as I have with this Chanel Cruise 2017/18 Collection. 

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