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Karl Lagerfeld this time offered us a grounded presentation of fashion, which currently dominates Paris, as a reminder of the formidable legacy of this fashion brand. Wide range of colours that began pink and pale blue tones offered us a lot of decorations and jeans, before the equestrian theme took over and prevailed catwalk. Beata Gliniecka (1)

The French luxury fashion house Chanel presented their Fall Winter 2016/2017 Women’s Ready-to-Wear collection at Paris. 

No supermarket, no airport, no casino, no props. Just unadulterated Chanel.

The show space was made to look like a Couture salon lined with mirrored walls, filled with row upon row of gilded chairs, reminiscent of days when Coco Chanel herself would present her own collections, long before today’s version of the runway was invented. Clearly you don’t need to be loud in order to be heard. The intimate setting itself appeared to be a statement by the brand.

In recent months, the luxury market is increasingly under pressure to change the way fashion is presented and sold and to conform to other luxury brands that are starting to accommodate fast fashion.

The show was Karl’s way of politely saying:

“No thank you”.

I think we can expect that the format in which they operate will remain as it always has, following the traditional system.
With that said, the collection presented was far from old-school. It had an urban edge, almost ready for the next generation of Chanel women to take charge.

Swapping out strictly ornamental details for more practical design.
Even the bowler hats came with a strap, for easy carrying.
For a brief moment there was an equestrian theme thrown in with the riding boots and raincoats.
Another part of the show featured the heavy use of denim, and another floated through like a blossoming rose garden in shades of hot pink. Beata Gliniecka

Shades of pink – fuchsia or magenta, raspberry, pink comes in many tones.
At Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld recalled clearly what the added value of French fashion.
His Autumn / Winter collection praises of elegance and “Witty” couture, chic embellished with freshness and pretty spirit. The tailoring of honor is therefore working here to charm more than one reason. The tactful skirts are not less cheerfully slit on the sides, jackets with fun collars games, sleeves and as for the graphic contrasts tweed, it varies the pleasures, the total rose to the multiplication of clans and tiles through patterned lurex, a French folk motif or frayed edges.

No shadow of pants for skirts, dresses and skirts culottes give thanks to the dainty allure and zest sports, deployed in small steps blends naturally into a resolutely urban and affable together. Double – sided skirts slit on the side, tweed and denim, wisely cut almost to the knee, classic short jackets.

An incredible pink quilted leather coats, and a series of military boots started by lacing ankle, for future enthusiast collectors of the brand.

Wide cashmere scarves land on shoulders, with lengthy chunky knit gloves – suitable for country walks. For evening, bold silver wool bodice dresses with one another, as well as elegant crepe and Georgette dresses, where we find this lacing suggesting the size.
These gorgeous girls are mostly wearing a hat ‘retro’ round, leather, tweed melange and pied-de-poule, the swept – back hair and eye makeup with a subtle mesh effect.

Ruffles & Lace pleated chiffon, tulle ruffles and cream lace contrast with black leather lace.
One more thing is quite amusing – this woman here has a sense of cold and winter, body and skin cozily sheltered!

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