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Olivier Rousteing conjured a modern-day Amazon with raw pelts and elaborate patchworks. 

The Balmain fall/winter 2017/18 runway show was…  

“ I am woman, hear me roar! ” 

These days, designers stand or fall as much by their conviction as by their talent. And when it comes to Balmain’s Olivier Rousteing, conviction is something he has never lacked. In our digital era, the designers who stand for something, aesthetically, culturally, and politically, are most often the ones who people develop the strongest affinity with.

The global fashion-obsessed can spot a phony at 20 paces – or, perhaps more accurately, a single swipe. Rousteing has always been a proud and vocal, not to mention a long-standing, advocate for diversity on the runways.

“ I am woman, hear me roar! ” 

“It’s all about a return to the forces of nature. I wanted to create strong Amazons. Women’s power today is extremely important, and I think I reflect that with this collection. It’s very feminist,” Rousteing said backstage. Not surprisingly, his vision of feminism was not of the pink pussy hat variety. 

“We’ve been seeing a lot of messages recently on T-shirts and on clothes. The strength of Balmain is not necessarily in writing a word, but in creating a silhouette that demonstrates a woman’s strength better than words can do,”  – Rousteing said. 

“ These are the Amazons of the future, the Balmain Amazons: they are couture, they are rich, they are rock ‘n’ roll.” 

Imposing indeed, this latest Balmain fall/winter 2017/18 runway show is already on everybody’s lips, mainly for three different reasons. First and foremost, Rousteing’s aesthetics went literally wild for this collection, as he took his notorious urban-jungle motif to its extreme, solely focusing on rich, dark browns and black colors, reinforcing the patterns with textured leather fabrics, dynamic fringed embellishments and animal prints. 

The collection was all about separates, which allowed him to play with layered styles, as well as with monochrome motifs better. Only a few dresses made it to the show, leaving it to the abounding amount of waistcoats, oversized blazers, skinny trousers, jackets and curve-hugging tops to dominate the scene. 

To please us visually, he then even unveiled the proposals in a coherent continuum that went darker and stronger as the staples passed by, ultimately leaving us in awe and thrilled with one of the most hard-rock-inspired grand finales ever showcased.

All in all, the collection consisted of a dream array of 80 looks, meaning that Rousteing definitely has inspirations aplenty for his next Balmain fall 2017 ad campaign (like the runway show, Balmain’s campaigns are always highly anticipated). 

Secondly, the Balmain fall/winter 2017-18 runway show was undeniably remarkable in terms of hairstyles and makeup looks, too, with the latter being as extreme as the clothing pieces. Styled by makeup artist Tom Pecheux, Balmain’s army of models rocked the catwalk with shining highlighters, thick brows, geometrically perfect contouring techniques and metallic pigments aplenty, both on the eyes and the lips, exuding covetable empowering accents one cannot help but fall in love with. 

Panels of caramel suede formed a zebra pattern on a black stretch tulle column dress, while metallic plaques gleamed like leopard spots on a fishnet dress.

Love or hate his maximalist approach, this was craft of the highest level.

In my opinion this is a glamour collection!

Do you like it too?


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