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The Zuhair Murad Couture collection fall/winter 2016-2017 on the Paris Couture Fashion Week was spectacular. The Lebanese designer is world-renowned and with each season, it only seems to be getting better. While some designers make their couture collections look more like ready-to-wear, Murad takes the opposite approach.

Time and again we have been stunned senseless by the sheer work and magnificence of creation that goes into the ready-to-wear, let alone his couture looks that certainly stun the world’s most fashion savvy. The flowing capes, the sheer jumpsuits, the whole free spirited ‘70s vibe. I fell in love from the moment the first model stepped foot onto the runway.

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The official collection Fall/Winter 2016/2017 Haute Couture calendar was presented by Zuhair Murad. Held in the right wing of the Grand Palais, it set before the admired audience a legitimate question from the accompanying the show;

“Bohemian Rhapsody”
Soundtrack: Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?

A triumph of a bohemian chic of a fashion nomad girl whose travel paths lie between New York, Milan, Hong Kong and Dubai, with a summer break on Saint-Barthelemy glorified in his collection the Lebanese designer.
His muse is not just young, modern and elegant at the same time, she is – what a nice coincidence! – also incredibly rich.

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The first few pieces came out in black lacing, showing off the curves of the body while giving the ladies a rather chic fairy tale villain attitude. The velvet capes with the jet beaded fringes are certainly a piece we require in our wardrobes, the hats equally entrancing in the manner, which we all got a highwayman feel out of it all.

The barely there embroidery allowed for maximum exposure while still maintaining a high degree of decorum, where once we got into colors the fun never ceased to end. Boho chic at its best, the Zuhair Murad Couture fall 2016 collection is very hard to choose a favorite from, as we enjoyed the dusty rose colouring of some of the gowns, the lovely aubergine of the others, with some blush, and moss and lovely blue hues appearing later in the mix.

Add in some gold, some silver, some sleeves and thigh-high boots, some slits, some sequins, and a whole lot of camouflage handiwork and you get the 53 pieces that make up one of the best lineups on the couture fashion week for the fall and winter.

Zuhair Murad never ceases to amaze and impress, no matter what he decides to include among his works. Whether we are looking at sequined pantsuits or accessories including chokers, colored felt hats and wide belts, there is always something new around the corner that never fails to make a woman feel utterly feminine while she basks in the luxury of incredible beauty and sheer perfection of material.

The final piece of the night is a voluminous gown in a champagne hue, studded with embroidered beading and falling off the shoulders to show off decolletage, the train and matching crown bringing us the illusion of a fairy tale princess. We will have to admit though, that while gowns are lovely beyond belief, in the modern world, the golden lace jumpsuit with the flowing cape and plunging V neckline is just about exactly what will be turning heads during those fabulous celebrations you will be attending over the fall and winter seasons.
Murad’s is renowned for his spectacular bridal gowns. This time, he decided to leave classic white by the wayside in favor of an off-the-shoulder dress in latte beige.
“I wanted to make it a little bit vintage, like when you look at old photos.”
The designer explained;
“Boho gypsy chic is all about attitude.”

We look forward to seeing what the talented artist has to provide for us over the course of the coming seasons as well.
The creations are certainly made with the luxury loving wealthy woman in mind..

This is a wonderful collection, I love him his a faboulus desinger.

Look why I like him soo much..

Do you like it like me?



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