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This collection is all about a woman’s freedom. Freedom of movement, freedom of activity, freedom to fight for their ideas, freedom to be whomever you want to be! 

At the house of Versace, it’s always been posited as the power of glamour, the enjoyment of knockout dressing, in the context of nightclub and event entrances.

But now, Donatella Versace seems intent on moving beyond that. Being satisfied playing the role of arm candy, glitteringly static under disco lights, isn’t enough any more… 

Strength can be athleticism, energy, a sense of sisterhood. 

This show is for the women taking chances – Take the leap, if we do nothing, we get nothing. Flipping between cool retro, sleek black tailoring, and flowing hemlines in a multitude of colours, the Versace spring/summer 2017 ready-to-wear collection was all about women and the strength that can come with femininity.

Donatella Versace, of course, wants to take the sidekick gender stereotype and blow it out of the water, and this time around she found a great balance between hard feminine style and a bit of classic girly design, but the crisp tailoring is where the hardness came through the most.

Versace took this strength and put it in the form of professional attire, sportiness, and most strikingly color mixing. She showed that she could take all of these colours and make them into a cohesive, pristine collection without taking things a step too far or restraining herself too much.

She is putting across the message that women should take hold of their lives and take the leap! – As one of the lines to the runway soundtrack went. The song, which was written by Violet and Photonz was the perfect theme song for such a powerful line, because;

“Living is better than dreaming.”  

So why shouldn’t women start today, by looking to bolster their spring wardrobes once this collection goes live. And it wasn’t only the clothes that exuded strength.  

The models cast in the show took the runway by storm and perfectly embodied the target woman. The clothes were sexy when they needed to be and flared sometimes in unexpected ways, making for a thrilling show with just enough intrigue to keep the audience wondering what would be coming next.

Versace managed to create clothes for all occasions, from serious black pantsuits to daring color-blocked pieces. Yet, everything maintained a level of professionalism. And everything down to the footwear projected strength. Mainly flatform sandals, but also boots.

The sportiness came through because of drawstrings that created ruching on pieces you wouldn’t exactly expect and hardware like snaps that elevated various garments.

So Versace’s female crew models of many ages and far more varieties of shape than per normal strode out in a collection that majored on outdoor activewear.

There were billowy nylon parkas, body-con leggings with tight sporty T-shirts, Teva flatform sandals. Not that this was exactly a camping collection.

Versace techniques will out, and the nylon techno fabric was soon threaded with drawstrings, pulled and ruched into a couple of asymmetrically sexy dresses in green and navy blue.

Beige rainwear came precisely chopped into a terrific roomy jacket and matching miniskirt diagonally bisected with snaps; leather was deployed as a cropped color-blocked motocross blouson with souped-up nylon track pants.

The casting ran from Edie Campbell to Naomi Campbell, newcomers to Victoria’s Secret stars Taylor Hill and Stella Maxwell, and a class reunion of the likes of Carmen Kass, Caroline Trentini, and Doutzen Kroes.

\The inclusive casting was underscored by the inclusive variety of Versace specialties on display not just curve-sculpted black dresses, but also a clutch of the house signature checkerboard and scarf prints, ending up with a few terrific examples of the house crystal chain mail.

In the past, those finale dresses would have progressed forth as a tableau of elaborate floor-sweeping gowns.
With Gigi Hadid swirling a navy parka over a flash of darkly sparkly beading bringing up the rear and that looked modern.

Celebrating the strength of women, and the power of the female future. 

This is a wonderful collection!  

View and tell me if you like it? 

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