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The Valentino’s collection is inspired by modern dance movements, especially ballet.

Therefore, in this collection as we expected, we had the opportunity to see airy and at the same time fitting clothing pieces that emphasize the body movements.

Clothing for dancer warm-ups like layered dress and tutu skirt over sweaters, tights without lower parts, coats over the stage wardrobe were the main part of the collection, as well as ballet details, tulle and glittering costumes, which presented the grand finale.
As a work created by co-designer Pierpaolo Piccioli and Maria Grazia Chiuri, this collection is focused towards culture, not only to design and creating of clothing items. Beata Gliniecka 1 Beata Gliniecka 2

Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli were seduced by dance this season, from the Russian Ballets to the New York City Ballet.

Starring Jane Fonda…

The unraveling of which made for a standout show that grew with unabashed romance with every exit. 

Things started out less literal yes, her hair may have been pulled back into a tight strict bun, and it may have been a shin-skimming black tutu she wore, but it was hunkered under a beautifully tailored coat with a pleated back and teamed with a bag snugly worn cross body and stompy lace-up biker boots.

Make enquiries on those boots now, they will be a popular addition to autumn wardrobes the world over.

There were ballet flats too, laden with silver chains, delved into their subject: elsewhere the pinkish ribbons of ballet slippers informed a dress streaming in strips of nude silk.

The collection evolved to include scoop-neck tops, the sort of kit that’s standard in dance studios.

Pleated skirts that twinkled with rows of tiny crystals it was easy to imagine them twirling on stage or anywhere else for that matter, and Valentino’s signature layered sheer gowns, rich with opulent beadwork, feathers, and incredible embroideries.

Everything was just as pretty from the back, with scooped-out necklines and the sensual criss-crossing of delicate spaghetti straps against lithe bare skin.

But there were two sides to Valentino’s ballerina and it didn’t take long before the black swan made her debut.

Abbreviated leather skirts armored in silver plates had bustling tutus stuffed underneath, while other black ballet costumes were layered over heavy roll-neck sweaters.

This is the girl who is late to dance practice, drawing on a cigarette wearing a swishy fringe and crystal leather jacket.

There were longer tulle skirts covered in studs too, with wisps of the black tulle worked into shrugs that barely covered shoulders.

Valentino collection for autumn/winter this year quickly became favorite after the presentation at the Paris Fashion Week, due to its subtle design and symbolism, which is very clear to those who know culture. 

There is nothing ever unintentional about Valentino.

The theme played out to beautiful effect!

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