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Australian designer Steven Khalil dazzled with his couture collection, as the stars squeezed in to the front row.

Steven Khalil has been a long-standing highlight of Australian Fashion Week.

This show certainly delivered true to form, Steven did not disappoint!

I was blown away by his modern, sexy yet conservative take on his range this year. Every pieces sculpt’s the female body showing shapes are sexy.

With his exquisitely detailed collections and star-studded front row. It’s no surprise his shows cause such a flurry within the industry.

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Steven Khalil is Australia’s red carpet darling.

Establishing his own fashion house in Sydney’s Paddington at the age of 23, Khalil’s classical, elegant designs have earned him a top spot on the high-end bridal circuit.

This year’s collection a stunning bridal finale but not before a selection of incredibly intricately beaded gowns and sexy black evening wear.

Classic to modern.

From midriff-baring capers, to feathered frocks and classic full-skirted dresses..

Khalil showed a varied collection.



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