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Dear Roberto Cavalli – is one of the first fashion houses opening up the Fashion Week in Milan.
For years now, the house has been a beloved one for many around the world, being seen as the epitome of fashionable creations.

Cavalli himself is 75 years old and celebrated his ¾ of a century but a few months back…

The Florentine fashion designer is well known for his exotic prints and sand blasted jeans, looks that we love to this day. Beata Gliniecka (18)  

The first look we really need to mention is also one of the most interesting to be sent out, consisting of shiny patterned pants with a high-waist aptly drawn in further by a vintage looking belt, pattern embossed shirt in button down format, the top half left open and showing off the skin underneath, and a fur coat worn on top in black, the whole of the getup giving us a strong, sharp minded and coquettish individual all at the same time. The final look of the series is one of the most futuristic, metallic and silver in hue and consisting of pants, a rounded tank top, a scarf around the neck and a coat in black and metallic gold prints, the combination making for a Back to the Future style event. Beata Gliniecka (17)

Throughout the Roberto Cavalli fall 2016 collection we notice there are some animal prints, as per the typical Cavalli fashion, plunging necklines to match with the years top trends lacy designs that are near see-through and looking especially sensual, glittering ethereal pieces that rather scream Britney Spears, combinations of jewel colors, one particular dress reminding us of amethyst on gold filigree, and some layered ruffles that would do well to be worn to a gala these days.

We see velvet, chiffon and lace, leather, fur and some pieces of silk, fringe, ruffles, layers and fluttering skirts, as well as strategic cutouts in all the right and wrong places. Beata Gliniecka (16)

He returned  last fall to become the creative Director Roberto Cavalli after decades in Emilio Pucci, Peter Dundas quickly settled on the “old new” place and again began to play music on eternal themes Roberto Cavalli – oozing hedonistic moods sensual 1970s with their blatant sexuality, aggressive colors and wild prints.

However, it is the same for ten years was engaged in Emilio Pucci, where, however, differently placed accents, giving their heroines, Queens Bohemian and musical rockers, bourgeois gloss. In the House of Roberto Cavalli now – a bet on wild “unkempt” in the literal and figurative meaning of passion.

On the podium – velour, jacquard and denim coat, coats with fluffy fur collars and cuffs, colorful jumpsuits from textured silk, velvet pantsuits, dresses-tunics in the Baroque patterns and painted with colored bead embroidery flared jeans. And yet – skirt with fringe, and “Gypsy” dresses paired with boots and shiny narrow scarves-chokers, which will replace a similar necklace, once the craze for them will come to naught.

The word – early 70s in the juice!

See Beata Gliniecka (3) Beata Gliniecka (4) Beata Gliniecka (5) Beata Gliniecka (6) Beata Gliniecka (7) Beata Gliniecka (8) Beata Gliniecka (9) Beata Gliniecka (10) Beata Gliniecka (11) Beata Gliniecka (12) Beata Gliniecka (13) Beata Gliniecka (14)


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