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For her 2017 couture collection titled “Dimensions,” Pnina Tornai looked to the ideal that beauty has no limits. Every shape, silhouette and style has a beautiful bride at the helm. Using a curated selection of fabrics such as lace, organza, duchesse satin, crepe georgette and stretch silks, Pnina Tornai was able to sculpt and transform each gown into a masterpiece.

 Pnina Tornai is a globally renowned couture bridal designer. Pnina’s passion for design was inspired by her Moroccan mother and Egyptian father, who exposed her to elaborate cultural ceremonies and celebrations from a young age. Her love for beauty and intricate details grew into a desire to create beautiful gowns that reflected her unique heritage and, after designing her own gown for her Parisian nuptials, Pnina discovered the transformative power of a single dress and was determined to share it with other brides.

The woman who wears a Pnina Tornai dress embodies a unique vision of glory: her glory. And, you can either bask in it with her (Afterall, she isn’t an unkind woman.) , or step aside. For the first Kleinfeld designer to have an eponymous boutique opened within their Manhattan store after just two years with the celebrated bridal organization, Tornai believes her kind of woman for her dress is “Any woman that wants to look amazing.”

“We have everything in our collection; I have a dress for every bride. I have the clean look for the dress, to the crazy ball gown all beaded with details on the skirt, (I have something) for every bride.” She said.

The fact that Tornai has never taken formal lessons in fashion design fuels the legend of her dresses, which continue to enrobe women known for their ebullience, and sometimes for their hint of notoriety, like Nene Leaks for example.

The dresses Tornai creates are inspired by her daily life and dreams, which then manifest into creations made with fabric imported directly from Europe, accented with Swarovski crystals and other precious stones.

“I just live, and I’m connected to myself, for examples  I’m walking down the street and I see a beautiful ad, then the colors from that ad will inspire me. I look at everything, I listen to everything, I try to be 100 % here: I live my life; I love my life. I just bring it (the inspiration) from the outside world into my world and that’s how every dress is born. ”  -Pnina Tornai said.

This collection harkens to a truth that life and people, including ourselves, change constantly.

Pnina Tornai ; “My 2017 couture bridal collection, “Dimensions,” focuses on the endless variety of choices and decisions that we have to make in our everyday lives. I call these choices, dimensions. After debuting my collection in New York, over 10 years ago, I realized that no matter what part of the globe, or what time of year, each and every bride has the same wish: to be her most beautiful self on the day of her commitment to the choice of her heart. “Dimensions” highlights my understanding that there is no limit to beauty and that there is a bride for every silhouette and style of gown. I created my dresses from the finest fabrics that I gather from around the world including unique laces, duchesse satin, crepe georgette, organza, and stretch silks and satins that sculpt the body. These fabrics have been transformed into gowns with dramatic low backs, mermaid silhouettes, and full ball gown skirts and then adorned with embellishments that have been hand-crafted with passion and love. We believe that nothing is more precious than the celebration of love, and the moment when the bride makes her steps towards the love of her life with a heart filled with love and joy is one of a life’s greatest gifts.We are the creators of our lives. Love is the highest dimension, and I cherish the gift I’ve been given to serve love with love.” 

Designs in the ‘Dimensions’ collection features a variety of styles and details including backless, sexy sheaths, over-the-top ball gowns, intricate lace and crystal beading designs. 

Dimensions highlights my understanding that there is no limit to beauty and that there is a bride for every silhouette and style of gown.

The collection features a variety of shapes and styles and has showcased in a gorgeous New York City styled photo shoot. 

In my mind, it’s a beautiful collection.

Do you like it too?  


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