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Presented in the Italian fashion capital on the occasion of the Milan Fashion Week. 

The Max Mara Spring Summer 2017 collection is inspired by Lina Bo Bardi , architect and designer of international renown. A collection of art and design.

Creative, radical, passionate, a woman with a vision years ahead of her time. 

For modern women with big ideas, Max Mara Spring/Summer 2017 proposes a new blend of voluptuous modernity, intelligent, audacious, sexy fashion with a lifespan as long as those Bo Bardi designs – Max Mara. Beata Gliniecka (4) Beata Gliniecka (5)


Max Mara conquers us with an unusual style that breaks with the classicism of old collections. The creative woman of Max Mara has a wardrobe by the heads and versatile accessories, with a preference for floral prints and colors during the day, while the evening rush on most fantasies, definitely more classic colors like white and black.

Demanding femininity that combines in a free and unconventional leaders with a passion for the sporty chic style that is trendy returning for some season, which mixes though details and new trends and new.

In this collection coexist harmoniously with classic cuts and austere, patchwork patterns and hi-tech details, all of which refer to a strong unconventionality fashionable that in many ways has several similarities with the architectural style of Lina Bo Bardi. 

In a word Jumpsuit , definitely one of the key leaders of the new collection Max Mara 2017. Suits ‘second skin’ by the bright colors: orange, yellow and blue. 

There is no doubt that the new line of Max Mara clothing in 2017 is a bit ‘different from the usual, which is a bit more eccentric in order to give a new face to all that is classic. 

From these premises are born ideas and unexpected proposals such as clothing insulation from cuts rigorous muted by patchwork prints, oversize sweaters in cashmere with geometric pattern in which one can see already prints animal and pants and hi-tech leaders from the net plot.

Even the accessories are perfectly harmonized with this unusual mood. The BoBag is the bag Max Mara bucket smooth and minimal decorated with tassels and braided handles. While the foot the woman Max Mara already during spring sports clogs with wooden soles with wide heel and perforated on the front. 

Completing the new catalog Max Mara spring 2017 caps, visors and belts perfectly matched with the leaders and with a design very similar to that of the bags.  

Max Mara with the new summer collection, presented at the fashion week, breaks a bit’the classical atmosphere looking over and taking inspiration from the world of design , a creative environment that reverberates on fashion and trends. 

Here, a look at the entire collection.

The lineup thus drew to a close in the most delicate, feminine way ever, charming us with almost magical vibes from the natural world. Draws inspiration from lina Bo Bardi, who embodies latin America’s compelling take on modernism. 

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