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This collection, it might be in line with the more romantic fashion trends for 2016, be it Victorian or modern, Prairie or not, but the lace looks are huge on the runways and we are loving every last second of them. It appears on gorgeous romantic floral printed and side layered dresses.


There’s some beautiful work done in the latest Philosophy spring 2016 collection, but it left an unsatisfied feeling afterward. The pieces were undoubtedly beautiful and his intentions were clear, but almost too much so at some points.

His prairie theme was clear, but modernized enough to be wearable by today’s women, but the incorporation of the cow print was too apparent. There are some great elements at work here, and we wish they had been just a little more refined. His use of the under – bust corsets made us wish the old Victorian fashions could come back into trend for today I would be able to hop on that bandwagon. 

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Serafini’s collection was a refreshing palate cleanser from the high intensity collections of the Fashion Week, but that’s not always a good thing for a designer.

While I loved his clothes and thought each garment was beautiful and unique while also being extremely wearable, there weren’t any pieces that matched the extravagant stage of the Fashion Week. Despite this detail, the Philosophy collection was an excellent display of craft mastery geared towards a younger audience.

Beautiful looks graced the runway, such as a voluminous blouse tucked into a pair of black shorts, topped with a black under-bust corset. This overall look was the perfect balance between the eras and cultures Lorenzo was trying to cover. 

This season shows a common trend of lingerie being displayed in the show, and Lorenzo hopped right on with that, mixing it in with his sheer dresses and lace craftwork. It kept it young, and didn’t feel quite so seductive as it did ethereal, or dreamlike.

The see – through materials mixed with the pretty patterning and the sensual lingerie details overall created a romantic style that was harmoniously blending Western motifs with the refined Victorian era.

Whether it’s about pretty daytime clothes or sophisticated evening looks with a big dose of femininity, the latest Philosophy spring/summer 2016 collection has definitely our fashion cravings covered. 

Summer 2016 is shaping up to be quite the romantic affair in the hands of the Italians – following Etro’s romantic sojourn into ballet this afternoon, Philosophy’s Lorenzo Serafini. 


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