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Milan Fashion week, as always, with Giorgio Armani’s main collection. We know to expect suits and with a collection given the title “Black Velvet,” we start out already having a basic idea of both color and texture. So, is there anything in here that is actually going to surprise us? Surprise might be too strong a word, but certainly the collection is pleasing. Armani gives us not one, but five new suit silhouettes this season. Beata Gliniecka

Falling on the final day of the Milan fashion week shows, the Giorgio Armani fall/winter 2016/2017 collection has brought in some of the starriest of gowns for the evening, perfect for the red carpet or to wear to a wedding, complete with a sprinkling of crystals, lots of black velvet and some rather frothy creations. 

The background to the show included birdcalls and some intriguing tribal music. The stage itself was very modern, with white-lighted runways over a black background. And then the first look was brought out and we could see impeccable confidence in the style the ladies resonated, with a double lapel coat and funky short hair, complemented with large sunglasses. 

Laced up flats were a common find, while there was some skin to be found around the midriffs from time to time. Tweed is an interesting look that appears with the velvet pants in black, with clutch purses in hand. Perhaps one of the best things about the Giorgio Armani collection is the linearity of it all, without jumping from theme to theme. There is daywear and eveningwear, clear-cut and beautifully presented. Beata Gliniecka (2)

Black and white are colors of top choice it appears, with strips of material also coming into play, pants cropped at the ankles and all, and the more tailored designs with the flowing trousers. No, there is no way we would not shop from Armani, not with so many incredible openings on hand. 

Then there is the whole masculine effect to the day, and feminine to the night, the day bringing with it a pantsuit with a bow that serves also as a tie in front. Among the 81 different outfits that we can find, how can we not find a few that are the perfect match for us? While it might not be the barely there tulle concoction at the end that is just a bit over the top for some, we will definitely be investing in something in rich velvet.

Giorgio Armani was supposed to be a doctor, then quit and became interested in photography. Later worked in a department store la rinascente decorating a websites. Armani in the 1961-1970 s he worked as a fashion designer in house nino cerruti to then start working on your own. 

I really admire this man for me is quite the role model. Time will tell if I’m going to be as creative as he is. 

Until you watch a new collection from Giorgio Armani for fall / Winter 2016 / 2017.

Interestingly, Armani has kept the fringe and the flowy above the ankle dresses out of the shoot, with the exception of a timeless piece of a low cut see through wrap dress, which, to be honest, looks far more fascinating on the photo than it did on the runway early this spring.




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Beata Gliniecka ; Fashion is the love of my life. That's what I'm writing and creating do with passion!


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