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Masculine and feminine coexist in this Ermanno Scervino collection that finds inspiration in the world of arts: couture inspired lace dresses, alternating with coats with a military rigour, Victorian suits, bustiers with maxi skirts, long dresses with deep slits.

Precious details like asymmetrical multicolour fur collars and fox fur hats give an urban touch to the whole collection. Beata Gliniecka

Ermanno Scervino stages the autumn /winter 2016/2017 collection drawing inspiration from the world of Arts, from the one sphere that is able to elevate the tangibility evanescence, creating quell’eterea perfection only in the dream world you can find out.

Chantilly lace wrap young women in dresses with balloon shapes and siren, however, leaked leaving a delicate game of seduction in I see and do not see the puff embroidery.  

Delicacy that hides a soul strong, almost warlike and behold then the pressure of coats with military insignia, cigarette pants and coats in animalieur press, all but finished with the elegance of the inlays in fox fur.  

A woman who can not be overcome even by the daily routine, where the grunge urban flavor and is left to the pinstripe and tweed coats and suits.  

Security authorities and concealed under an extreme class and elegance are the qualities expressed by Scervino woman for next winter season. 

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