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The Italian designer imagines a strong woman, safe and tremendously sexy wrapped in rich and sumptuous clothes following the mood dress to impress as for clothes by slits and deep necklines, body and micro top, mermaid skirts, bustiers and long dress rolled.

The power of the 80 woman portrayed by Helmut Newton becomes the inspiration of this collection Elisabetta Franchi.

Atmosphere inspired transgressive art and fine works by Helmut Newton, the new collection Elisabetta Franchi evokes the luxury atmosphere of glittering America of the Eighties.

A Power Woman sensual and self-confident, over-in details and forms. Opulence and dresses in full mood “Dress to impress”, for a style that wants to provoke and ostentar, emphasizing the femininity in a contemporary way.

Forms and materials creations bright from Hollywood flavor celebrating the female body with generous slits and plunging necklines: a refined taste that brings us to the splendor of the cult soap Dynasty and Dallas. 

Long embroidered dresses, asymmetry and transparency paint a seductive nude-effect: the woman Elisabetta Franchi is bold and, like a diva, loves to perform. Smooth and glides are opposed to more structured garments sculptural lines. Sleeves and shoulders highlighted by ruffles, flounces and asymmetric games highlight the decollete. 

Sexy mermaid skirts, body-hugging top and micro enhance the silhouette and the cult of the body. Strictly high waist, the trousers with exaggerated bottoms, flared and palace reveal the legs through slits ultra-feminine. The maxi lengths are also offered on oversized cardigans and jackets, embellished with details and rolled bright sequins. The animal print, must of the Maison, is revisited and revived combined with the laminate. The fringes as always liven up clothes and accessories.

The spirit of ’80 lives again in his pop-rock version: network, ripped denim and accessories reminiscent of the Madonna of “Like a Virgin notes”.

Collection Elisabetta Franchi – This style of avant-garde and timeless at the same time, which is associated with excellent quality materials. We find it both pencil skirts, and shoes on the platform and tailored jackets.

Collections Elisabetta Franchi is femininity, elegance, style, chic and unique spirit.

As for me, it is a divine collection! 

Do you like it ?

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